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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Avatar (based on a true story...)

So the only issue I had with the movie Avatar was that that's not really how the story ends.  I mean, here we are, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the Federation of Native Americans.  It would be lovely to think that the native american tribes would have been able to fend us off and be able to defend their homeland like in the movie, but then again, I guess that's why its a movie - it's a fairy tale.  I just wish that the people making decisions, which in a democracy should theoretically be US, the people, would learn from these types of films.  But more realistically, as democracy in this country leads a lot to be desired, it is the people in positions of power (governmental and corporate) that need to learn a leason from this movie. 

The cultures of the world are all beautiful in their own way, and everyone that grows out of each one has the right to keep and enjoy that culture without social, cultural, economic, or militarily being pushed in a different direction.  So how abotu if the West stops pushing the world around.  Think of how sad you felt as the human 'skypeople' killed and destroyed the Na'vi and their homeland, now picture that happening in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Asia, wherever we decide is a place of interest for us and our companies.  This is the story of Western history.  European expansion, colonization, globalization - whatever you want to call it - 'The West' (both its countries and its commercial interests) has been playing Avatar for centuries, while the rest of the world has been playing the Na'vi.  To bad the Na'vi's first real victory was on the big screen only within the last couple months rather than in real life.  How many have died?  How many have suffered?  When will we learn?    

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  1. I had a whole vision of an alternative story that followed a win win situation for both sides. Consider from the start that the anthropologist brother wasn't murdered and facilitated a partnership between the two races. The Humans came from a planet torn by war. The Plant life net work alone would of been a huge upgrade to the ecology. Another area of interest is that of animal and plant link-ability, This could be huge market for the transportation industry including a whole new area of developement for the military if that be nessisary, ex. neuro-toxin darts. What medicines could also be made available, helping all sectors including money making opportunities with expidential growth. Only Solutions. Instead of destroying the gene pool, A focus on making love not war, Is a life inspiring mission for soldiers warriors, with many benifits and as a part of the militarial industrial complex creates more soldiers to branch into new territory, with a focus on higher objectives like that of cultural expression beauty, medicine work, and of course hosting the best parties. Cross breeding In the lab could create a branch of humans that are superior Hybrids adapted to the new world. Just consider The indiginous people of turtle Island and the Europeans, Inter-ratial marriages, created some of the most wholistic people. The divine plan is to blend such opposites until a a refined blend is achieved. I also believe that the huge trees that the blue avatars lived in concentrated ununtainium so in theory planting more trees of that species could definatly protect an investment. All in All to conclude working more on the buisness plan than the buisness can smooth out all the ruff areas and make for an easy WIN WIN situation.

    Thank-you Prime Creator,
    Randall Lee Hopper
    Ambassador Ground crew Galactic federation of Light Love and Assention. Aho all my relations


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