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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Under Employed and Under Represented

I find it truly amazing and even humorous, that I wrote a letter to every possible representative of mine from local town government all the way up to US senate and house and have gotten so little feedback that it is almost insulting.  I wrote regarding my experience in applying to social services and wanted to see what could be done to make changes in the treatment of people seeking help.  It seems that nothing will be done regarding this though.  I got a couple of automated responses, one person from within the organization asking for the name of the individual/s I dealt with (I've heard nothing from them since I responded), one response telling me that times get tough and I should just keep my head up and keep trying, and one rep which covers the office location that I applied in - but not my home - that they weren't my rep and thus should look for help elsewhere.  As if the issue wasn't relevant to them even though it happened in their jurisdiction.  To one person's credit though, I did get a phone call expressing regret (Kudos to that rep), yet I have never heard anything since.  I sent things to probably 20 people and two emails, one phone call.  Sad.

But I'll tell you what is absolutely atrocious, is that I seem to have gotten my email address on the marketing and mass mailing lists of some of the representatives - none of which responded to my inquiry at all.  Are you serious?!?!  You are not actually interested in representing me, but you are interested in sending me your propaganda in an effort to tell me how great you are!!  Listen if you aren't going to help me (i.e. do your job) then don't expect me to help you - let alone like or vote for you.  No I understand that you have so many people to represent and its tough to speak to them all - but don't take my email and use it for your purposes but not respect efforts.  

But what can I really say, if it was just one person that didn't respond I could blame them, but it is not.  It is all of them, which means it is the system itself that produces representatives that don't actually represent the people they should.  These reps only care about getting re/elected, and as i only have two choices, can I really vote for someone else?  Does this incident actually matter?  I will bet you this though, if I was a wealthy donor I bet you they'd take my call, respond to my email, and maybe even take me out to a strip club and make sure I'm taken care of.  But no, I'm on food stamps.  I'm underemployed.  Just trying to put one foot in front of the other.  To make ends meet.  I can provide nothing for them, save fulfillment of their constitutional duty, their job description, and their own respect as they look in the mirror.  But then again, why would that ever be important?

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