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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alternative Ideas

Human life is about patterns.  Each day we follow a similar pattern to that of the previous day - yes of course we have the weekends to break the truly singular pattern of everyday (but then again, in a larger view, isn't this again a pattern for a single day?).  But it is bigger than that, it is about the things we do and the moments we spend, the people we meet, the social and political world we inhabit - the entire life we live is patterned and predictable.  We need to break these patterns, we need to start thinking about alternatives, finding different ways to depaternize our lives.  We need to come up with alternative ideas.

Our 'society' was here before we lived, and unfortunately - as it is structured today - it will change little while we are here.  Unless we grasp for change through our free intellect, our own unique observations, our own innate human abilities to think and do.  We all have the ability to act independently, to blaze our own alternative pathways through life.  To mark it down and others find a more rewarding and alternative way.  But this is not just about us - as individuals - but about all of us, as a society.  We need to change the world, to find an alternative idea on how our whole social system is structured, one that is more inclusive, yet still allows us to act as ourselves.  Neither slaves to business nor government, where one individual is never more important than the whole and the whole is never more important than a singular person.

How do we get there?  This question can not be asked yet.  There is no alternative idea for a place other than 'today'. To get from A to B, there first must be a B.  That way, when the world slouches back into another/the next economic crisis, there will be something else to talk about, an alternative idea for a different way of living, a different way for society to structure itself.

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